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As both an undergraduate with a minor concentration in Creative Writing and a graduate student with a concentration in Creative Writing and Literature, I have taken numerous creative writing workshop courses and taken notes on what I believe to be the best run workshops–knowing all along that I wanted to teach creative writing. Harvard instructors often employed the model first established by Frank Conroy of the famed Iowa Writers Workshop. I find the workshop classroom to be beneficial in honing not only writing skills but also reading and editing skills. The model is also approachable to both beginner and experienced writers.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. And with the guidance of a learned teacher and the support and constructive criticism of fellow writers in a workshop environment, the aspiring writer has the best medium possible to learn creative writing.

Like any art, writing takes practice. But writing can be daunting. Unlike many artistic fields, writing is a solitary endeavor that can often leave one feeling disconnected. A weekly workshop offers the writer points of connection—to both the teacher and other writers. One can rely on the workshop not only for guidance, but also to be held accountable in completing weekly writing goals.

I offer three sessions annually for twelve-week online creative writing workshops and structure the sessions as a professor would at an university. For each session, I offer a beginner/intermediate course and an intermediate/advanced course based on your own self-evaluated experience. The course takes place online without any software download required. Once registered for the course, I will send you the link to my online web meeting room.

Each workshop is limited to ten writers so that each writer has personalized attention and is able to workshop a few pieces throughout the course. During each course I will meet with each writer at least three times individually to ensure their goals are being met and to discuss their work. By the end of each course, every writer will have at least two pieces that have been workshopped. Each piece will have been edited and thoroughly noted by me and will have received invaluable feedback from one’s peers. Writers must be prepared to not only write weekly but to also provide feedback to their classmates on their work.

Session I: February – May

Session II: May – August

Session III: September – December

The tuition for each twelve-week session is $1200.

All writers in a twelve-week session course must be at least eighteen years old.

I am available to personalize individual and group (up to 10 students) creative writing workshops. Writers younger than eighteen years of age may enroll in a personalized course. Please contact me at to discuss a class structure and schedule that would be most beneficial for you.